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LESCOLTON Hair Growth Red Light Therapy LED Hair Comb

LESCOLTON Hair Growth Red Light Therapy LED Hair Comb

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Charging Instructions

  1. First use first fully charged before use
  2. Please use the certified charger, and connect the data cable to the charging port of the hair care comb, the indicator light flashing means
  3. charging. When the indicator light is always on, it means full state.
  4. This product has a built-in battery, please note the following matters.
  5. Please recharge in time when the power is low. If you do not use it for a long time, please charge it every three months to prevent battery damage.
  6. Make sure your hands are dry when charging pulling out the charging stand.


  • The hair care comb has a built-in infrared sensor for eye protection, after turning on the power, the comb teeth need to be close to the skin before it will start
  • working, if the hair care comb leaves the scalp during use, the hair care comb will enter standby mode, the red light will not light up and the work timing will be
  • suspended. If standby for more than 30 seconds, the comb will automatically shut down to save power.
  • Packing List
  • Hair Care Comb x1
  • TYPE-C Cable ×1
  • Instruction Manual/Warranty Card x 1


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