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Love This Journey Travel Kit

Love This Journey Travel Kit

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All-in-one 16 must-have travel essentials, mini-style.

This travel sized, travel ready kit is your perfect companion for a long journey Includes:

  1. phone/tablet stand,
  2. eye mask, ear plugs,
  3. folding brush/comb,
  4. breath drops,
  5. dental floss,
  6. hand cleansing towelette,
  7. hand lotion,
  8. nail clipper,
  9. facial tissue,
  10. lip balm,
  11. adhesive bandage,
  12. deodorant towelette,
  13. stain remover,
  14. wrinkle remover,
  15. mending kit, safety pin,
  16. and extra buttons.

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