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Sparkling Zircon Ring

Sparkling Zircon Ring

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-Two color options: Choose between captivating gold or timeless silver to match your personal style and preference.
-Perfect gift: Treat yourself or surprise someone special with this exquisite and eco-friendly piece of jewelry, designed to radiate beauty and sophistication.

  • Style: fancy, elegant, chic

Material Composition: Our adjustable ring is crafted with high-quality 18K gold-plated recycled brass or 18K white gold-plated recycled brass, adorned with sparkling zircon for added elegance.

Care Instructions: Elevate the longevity and radiance of your jewelry collection with SOCALI's thoughtful care package. You'll receive our premium pouch and a material care card with every purchase you make. These additions are our way of showing appreciation for your business while ensuring that your product remains in excellent condition.

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