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Nesso Classic Table Lamp

Nesso Classic Table Lamp

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Introducing the Nesso Classic Table Lamp – a beacon of warm sophistication that transforms any space with its inviting amber glow, fusing modern design with Italian classicism. Emitting a cozy radiance akin to natural sunlight, this lamp adds a touch of comfort and elegance, enhancing the ambiance of your environment. Versatile in accommodating various light sources, it brings consistent enchantment. With a capacity to illuminate the entire room through its four bulbs, it is both powerful and energy-efficient, ensuring cost-saving brilliance. The Nesso Classic Table Lamp, an exclusive creation from Casa Alce, exudes personality with its vibrant orange hue, elevating your interior decor and leaving a lasting impression on all who enter your space. 

Specifications:Material: ABS + acrylic Power: 6-10W Voltage: 110V-220V Light socket type: E14 Number of required bulbs: 1 to 4 (not included)

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