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Dolly Ear Cuff

Dolly Ear Cuff

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Check out these ultra-cool Dolly Ear Cuffs that are all the rage! Made with polished metal, these ear bone clips are a dream for both men and women.Think punk meets retro with a geometric twist! The wide version of these clips is edgy, bold, and screams style. Best part? No piercings needed! Just clip 'em on and you're ready to rock. Find your inner rebel with these Dolly Ear Cuffs! Made with polished metal, these ear bone clips are both stylish and versatile for both men and women. With a punk-inspired design and a retro twist, these ultra-cool cuffs make a bold statement. And the best part? No piercings needed! Simply clip them on and embrace your edgy side. Don't miss out on this must-have accessory for anyone looking to add some serious style to their look!

Each cuff is sold separately.
Height: 4" Length: 4" Width: 0.4"

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