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Hair Repair & Growth Essential Oil Detangling Brush

Hair Repair & Growth Essential Oil Detangling Brush

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Upgrade your hair care routine with our innovative and effective product!

Introducing our new product with a brand new concept, providing a super comfortable and healthy experience.

  • 1.With a 800mAh high-capacity lithium battery, it offers long-lasting endurance.
  • 2.The high-frequency sonic motor massages the scalp, while the vibrating comb smoothens and detangles hair.
  • 3.The infrared light promotes scalp blood circulation, and the even essential oil spray provides comprehensive nourishment.
  • 4.It also has interchangeable essential oil cartridges to meet different needs, 2 vibration modes.
  • 5.And patented essential oils with healthy ingredients such as Gentiana Root Extract and Ceramide EOP/NP.



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